Press Release

Concord, CA - May 11, 2016 - Paper-Net's Charity Events for 2016 has been lucky to have many customers who believe in giving back to the community. We have been participating in many charities supporting various causes including creating character building, helping families, fighting cancer, and many others.......    Read More

Concord, CA - January 2016 - Paper-Net, Inc. Completes conversion to 100% BPA free thermal paper rolls

We are pleased to announce that, as of January 2016, 100% of Paper-Net’s thermal
paper rolls
are BPA free.

The process of converting to BPA free thermal paper rolls started in 2013. By middle of 2014, 95% of our thermal paper rolls were converted to BPA free.

We completed conversion of the remaining 5% of odd items to BPA free by the end of 2015. BPA free thermal paper is recyclable.

You may still find a separate category for BPA free thermal paper rolls in our website which we will keep for clients who are used to ordering from this page.

Paper-Net also introduced Phenol Free thermal paper rolls in early 2015 for clients requiring both BPA free and BPS free (phenol Free) thermal rolls. This product’s image and properties meets our highest standards for direct thermal paper. This product is recyclable.

Appvion paper has recently introduced an enhanced phenol free direct thermal paper, Alpha® Free, made with vitamin C as the image developer. The formulation relies on vitamin C – a well-known and well-studied nutrient that’s widely regarded as safe. In fact, it’s the same vitamin C that millions of people take as a health supplement every day.

Please let us know if you are interested in this vitamin C phenol free product by emailing us
at or call us at 1-800-210-2203

Concord, CA - February 2010 - Paper-Net Strenghthens Web Presence

Completely redesigned is released

CA- February 18, 2010 - Paper-Net, Inc., a leading point of sale
consumable distributer announced the release of their new website
designed to increase traffic, assist customers, and reduce the re-order
clicks to 3.

The website,, offers more powerful features including:
  • Quick reorder in 3 clicks for returning customers.

  • Concurrent Quick View of multiple item discount tables and
    compatibility information and descriptive and well organized item and
    category presentation.
  • More utilities for faster and more comprehensive on line account management.
  • Product grouping and cross-referencing to pinpoint exact customer needs.
  • Helpful links to assist visitors and customers in any possible situation.
  • Introduction of Recycled Thermal Paper Rolls for majority of P.O.S. printers including Epson, IBM, and NCR printers.
  • Information pages regarding additional Green Initiatives.